Pentaho Data Integration : JSON input Step

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a text based, light weight data inter change format.
This format enjoys a wide availability of implementations and is platform independent.

Stepwise illustration on the usage of Pentaho JSON step given below.

Step 1

Create sample transformation with JSON input step.

Step 2

Browse and add sample test file in JSON format.

Sample JSON Input data file :
Real time stock quotes in JSON format used as sample test input for demo purpose.

{"DAY_LOW":547.81,"BID":551.08,"OPEN":550.88,"52WK_LOW":385.1,"LAST_TRADE":551.08,"DAY_HIGH":557.29,"STOCK_NAME":"APPLE INC",
"RUN_DATE":"2014-01-22 12:10:04.000000000","VOLUME":11654341,"STOCK_SYMBOL":"AAPL","52WK_HIGH":575.14,"ASK":551.17},

{"DAY_LOW":1158.86,"BID":1162.3,"OPEN":1166.6,"52WK_LOW":735.79,"LAST_TRADE":1162.54,"DAY_HIGH":1167.89,"STOCK_NAME":"GOOGLE INC","RUN_DATE":"2014-01-22 12:10:04.000000000","VOLUME":1064205,"STOCK_SYMBOL":"GOOG","52WK_HIGH":1164.0,"ASK":1162.62},


"RUN_DATE":"2014-01-22 12:10:05.000000000","VOLUME":52050684,"STOCK_SYMBOL":"FB","52WK_HIGH":58.96,"ASK":57.27},
"RUN_DATE":"2014-01-22 12:10:05.000000000","VOLUME":8438596,"STOCK_SYMBOL":"YHOO","52WK_HIGH":41.72,"ASK":40.07},
"RUN_DATE":"2014-01-22 12:10:05.000000000","VOLUME":14150161,"STOCK_SYMBOL":"MSFT","52WK_HIGH":38.98,"ASK":36.08}

Step 3

Configure the field names and paths.
This can vary based requirements.

For example, individual field values can be retrieved using following paths.


All records can be retrieved by specifying "*" wild card in the path.
eg : $.stockdata.*

Step 4

Preview source data.

For Individual fields

For all records


Unknown said...

i have json file like this, where type is the column and content is the value of the column, ho i can transform.

"type": "compressed_part_number",
"content": "TSW13208GSRA"
"type": "part_id",
"content": "16313698"
"type": "manufacturer",
"content": "SAMTEC"
"type": "sentenceblock",
"content": "Easily mount this TSW-132-08-G-S-RA header connector from Samtec onto your PCB project."

Unknown said...

i have json file like this, where type is the column and content is the value of the column, so how i can transform?

Unknown said...

i have json file like this, where type is the column and content is the value of the column, so how i can transform?

Anonymous said...

The $.. structure is not working for me. I get a row with ALL of the data in each row. It would be as if all of the JSON response for stock data was written on each record. Any ideas on how to overcome that?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind it actually did work, but in the preview rows, it was very confusing. If anyone else runs into this, select the rows and put them in a csv file... it works!

Unknown said...

I am using the variable path as ($..X..Y..Z) , for i intend to pick values from path X/Y/Z , but instead I also get the values from all underlying paths where folder Z is present, such as (X/Y/1/Z), (X/Y/2/Z), (X/Y/3/B/Z).

What should I do to get just the desired value and not any extra value ?

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