Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition 5.0.2 - Installation for Linux

Pentaho Business Analytics (BA) Suite can be installed in several ways. Install All Components method chosen for demo purpose. Both Business Analytics and Data Integration components will be installed.
Here is a list of commonly used BA and DI components.

BA Components
  • BA Server       : Pentaho host
  • User Console   : Web based interface for administration, scheduling and security management.
  • Metadata Editor : Design tool to build metadata models and domains.
  • Report Designer : Design tool to develop reports.
  • Analyzer             : Enable data visualization.
  • Aggregation Designer : Design tool to create aggregates.
  • Schema Workbench    : Design tool to create complex multi dimensional models.

DI Components

  • DI Server   : Host, store and manage DI components.
  • Spoon        : Design tool to create jobs and transformations.
  • Kitchen     : Command line tool to execute jobs.
  • Pan            : Command line tool to execute transformations.
  • Carte         : Web server to remote execute jobs.

Plz find stepwise illustration on how to install Pentaho Business Analytics version ( 5.0.2 ) on Linux.

Step 1 :

 Download latest Pentaho Business Analytics version ( 5.0.2 )  from

Step 2

Change permissions and execute pentaho-business-analytics-5.0.2-x64.bin

 [root@localhost Downloads]# chmod 777 pentaho-business-analytics-5.0.2-x64.bin
[root@localhost Downloads]# ./pentaho-business-analytics-5.0.2-x64.bin

Step 3 :

Setup wizard will pop up. Click Next.

Step 4 :

Read and Accept license agreements. Click Next.
Step 5 :

Choose setup type based on requirements and needs.
Default setup chosen for demo purpose.

Step 6 :

Specify installation location. Click Next.
/opt/pentaho is the default location.

Step 7 :
Configure password for PostgreSQL. Click Next.

Step 8 :

Setup ready to install. Click Next.

Step 9 :

Updating license files.
Trial version used for demo purpose. License files updated automatically for trial versions.

Step 10 :

Installation in progress.

Step 11 :

Starting BA server.

Step 12 :

Installation Complete.

Installation Summary


    - PostgreSQL server port: 5432
    - HSQL server port: 9001
    - BA Server (Tomcat) startup port: 8080
    - BA Server shutdown port: 8012
    - Data Integration Server port: 9080
    - Monet Database Port: 50006   
    - Embedded Database Port: 9092

 - Reporting Design Tools:
    - Report Designer
    - Metadata Editor

 - Analysis Design Tools:
    - Schema Workbench
    - Aggregate Table Designer

 - Dashboard Designer

 - Data Integration (ETL)

 - Analyzer

 - Interactive Reporting

 - Mobile

 - Sample Content


  1. Hi,
    can you tell me please, how can i install this without a postgreSQL dtabase? because i want to use mysql.
    Thant in advance

  2. Hi Astrid,

    If you want to install specific Pentaho software, need to obtain the installation packages from the Pentaho Customer Support Portal. Plz refer following link for more info.


  3. Hello,
    thanks for your reply, i'm gonna try this!

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