Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pentaho Data Integration - PDI 7.0 Installation for Windows 64 bit

Pentaho 7 is the latest Pentaho version with powerful features including enhanced big data security features and advanced data exploration functionality.

Step wise illustration on how to install Pentaho Data Integration 7 is given below.

Here are some of the highlights of the new version.

  • Inspect Data in the Pipeline.
  • Advanced Security features for Bigdata including Kerberos.
  • Integrated installation of Business Analytics (BA) and Data Integration (DI) components.
  • Spark submit job entry for scala and python.
  • Expanded Metadata Injection Support.

Step 1

Download PDI 7.0 installation software "pentaho-business-analytics-7.0.0-25-x64.exe".


Execute the installation file.

Step 2

Pentaho installation wizard will popup and will guide through the installation.
Click Next.

Step 3

Accept license agreements.

Step 4

Specify the location to install the Pentaho applications.

Step 5

Postgres will be installed along with PDI to store reports and other user information. Please specify password for postgres.

Step 6

Setup ready to install. Click next to proceed.

Step 7

Installation in progress.

Step 8

Starting Pentaho Server.

Step 9

Installation completed successfully.

Installation Summary


    - PostgreSQL server port: 5432
    - HSQL server port: 9001
    - Pentaho Server (Tomcat) startup port: 8080
    - Pentaho Server shutdown port: 8012

 - Reporting Design Tools:
    - Report Designer
    - Metadata Editor

 - Analysis Design Tools:
    - Schema Workbench
    - Aggregate Table Designer

 - Dashboard Designer
 - Data Integration (ETL)
 - Analyzer
 - Interactive Reporting
 - Mobile
 - Sample Content

Step 10

Log into user console.

  • Default user : admin
  • Default Password : password

Step 11

Open Spoon.
Click on Design Tools >> Data Integration.


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