Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pentaho Data Integration - Configure DI Server for Windows

Step 1 :

Go To "Start > Pentaho Enterprise Edition > Server Management"
Start DI and Tomcat servers using icon "Start Data Integration Server"

Step 2 :

Access DI repository using Spoon design tool.
Spoon is a desktop application that can be used primarily as a graphical interface and editor for transformations and jobs.

Go To "Start > Pentaho Enterprise Edition > Design Tools"
Click on "Data Integration" to start spoon.

Step 3 :

Repository Connection dialogue box will pop up.
Click on "+" button to add new repository connection.

Step 4 :

Repository type dialogue box will pop up.
Select "DI Repository" and then click OK.

Step 5 :

Enter Repository connection information.
Enter suitable names for ID and Name.

Default URL : http://localhost:9080/pentaho-di

Step 6 :

Click on Test to verify whether the URL is correct.

Step 7 :

Provide user name and password.
Click OK to connect to the repository.

Default User Name : admin
Default Password : password

Step 8 :

Logging into the repository.

Step 9 :

DI server repository is connected.


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