Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pentaho Data Integration - PDI 5.0.2 Installation for Windows 64 bit

Step 1 : 

Download latest PDI version ( 5.0.2 )  from

Step 2 : 

Save and execute file pdi-5.0.2-x64.exe.
Installation wizard will pop up. Click Forward.

Step 3 : 

Accept license agreements. Click Forward.

Step 4 : 

Choose installation location. Click Forward.

Step 5 : 

Set up password for PostgreSQL.

 Step 6 : 

Set up will begin installing Pentaho applications.

 Step 7 : 

Evaluation licenses will be auto generated and installed for trial versions.

 Step 8 : 

Installation in progress.

 Step 9 : 

Initializing database.

Step 10 : 

Installation complete.

Step 11 : 

Post Installation - Enterprise Console and Spoon can be launched for configuration.

1 comment:

  1. Good morning,
    When I try to install PDI 5.0.4, I have a problem at step 7.
    The setup wizard tell me that it can't install the license file(s) and that I need to do it myself. But when I launch the license installer, nothing happened, the license isn't installed.
    Can I have some help please ?