Friday, January 3, 2014

Pentaho Data Integration : Microsoft Excel Input

Microsoft Excel Input step can be used to integrate data from various Excel sources including open office work books. This step can extract data from Excel 97-2003 ( xls ) files or Excel 2007 ( xlsx ) files.  Plz find stepwise illustration below on how to configure Pentaho Excel Input Step.

Step 1

Drag and drop Microsoft Excel Input Step into the Transformation design canvas.

Step 2

Click on Browse to select local Excel file with sample data.

Step 3

Add the selected file.
Also there are options available to add list of files or to specify wild cards.
File names can be retrieved from previous steps using "Accept Filenames from previous steps" option.

Step 4

Click on the Sheets tab to select list of sheets to read from.
"Get sheetnames" button will retrieve a list of available worksheets.
Select from the available items.


Step 5

Click on content tab to manage content properties.
Following are some of the commonly used options.

Header                      - First row will be skipped as header row.
No Empty Rows       - Empty rows will be skipped.
Stop on Empty Row - Step will stop in case of any empty row.
Limit                         - Limit the number of rows. Enter 0 to process all rows.

Step 6

Click on Fields tab to generate and configure fields.
Use "Get fields from header row" button to export field names and attributes from sample data file sheet header row. Name and other attributes can be modified based on the requirements.
Following are some of the commonly used options.

Name         - Field name.
Type          - Data type.
Trim Type - Support left, right and both trim.
Repeat       - Default is N. Set to Y to repeat the value in case next field is empty.

Step 7

Additional output fields can be configured if needed.


Step 8

Click on "Preview rows" button to examine the data.


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